The Best Party Destination in Vancouver

Now, of course, Republic Nightclub’s impressive list of A-list celebrities would not be complete without Canada’s own King of pop, Justin Beiber. After the young Justin Beiber finished his performance at Rogers Arena’s sold-out concert in 2012, he and Selena Gomez enjoyed the rest of their night at the Republic Nightclub. They had a blast, with Justin popping some of his fancy dance moves. To the delight of many, Justin and his dance crew also danced to memorable tunes by DJ Tay James.

The Republic Nightclub has also been one of Vancouver’s Halloween Party destinations in recent years. For many people over 19 years old, Halloween presents the perfect excuse to indulge in old-school debauchery. Therefore, it’s no surprise that during Halloween nights, many people usually flock at the Republic Nightclub to dance, drink and party the night away with friends and other like-minded people. The most recent edition to Republic Nightclub’s already impressive list of Halloween parties was the 958 Jailbreak held on October 31, 2019. The event was on a Thursday and started from 10 pm to 3 am and featured fantastic music being played by Drwskee & Sam Hampton. It was one of the most entertaining Halloween parties held in Vancouver in recent years.

Another highlight of Republic Nightclub in 2019 was the Vancouver Glow Party which was held on Friday, November 29. The event lived up to the establishment’s reputation of hosting memorable parties and was arguably one of the biggest Glow Party ever hosted in Vancouver. The 2019 Vancouver Glow Party at Republic Nightclub combined LED sticks, laser lighting, backlighting and high energy music to form a mind-blowing experience. Music played during the event included Hip Hop, Electro, House and Reggaeton. As usual, the party ran from 10 pm through 3 am with table services and drinks available.

The nightlife in Vancouver is fantastic, especially if you spend it at the Republic Nightclub. Since 2006, the Republic Nightclub has been a trendsetter for Vancouver’s nightlife. During the Republic Nightclub’s less than two-decade existence, it has grown to be an establishment synonymous with glamour. Many A-list celebrities across the globe favour the Republic Nightclub as their go-to destination every time they are in Vancouver. From Jay-Z to Justin Beiber, Republic Nightclub has hosted them all. Other than being a hotspot for celebrities, Republic Nightclub is also quite popular among locals who regularly choose to enjoy their nightlife at the eclectic space. There are a variety of fun events hosted at the Republic Nightclub every year. The club’s anniversary, the Vancouver Glow Party and the 958 Jailbreak Halloween party are some of the glamorous events to be hosted at the Granville based establishment. If you would like to enjoy one of the best nightlife experiences Vancouver has to offer and perhaps even meet your favourite celebrity, then Republic Nightclub is the place to be.