The Best Party Destination in Vancouver

Now, of course, Republic Nightclub’s impressive list of A-list celebrities would not be complete without Canada’s own King of pop, Justin Beiber. After the young Justin Beiber finished his performance at Rogers Arena’s sold-out concert in 2012, he and Selena Gomez enjoyed the rest of their night at the Republic Nightclub. They had a blast, with Justin popping some of his fancy dance moves. To the delight of many, Justin and his dance crew also danced to memorable tunes by DJ Tay James.

The Republic Nightclub has also been one of Vancouver’s Halloween Party destinations in recent years. For many people over 19 years old, Halloween presents the perfect excuse to indulge in old-school debauchery. Therefore, it’s no surprise that during Halloween nights, many people usually flock at the Republic Nightclub to dance, drink and party the night away with friends and other like-minded people. The most recent edition to Republic Nightclub’s already impressive list of Halloween parties was the 958 Jailbreak held on October 31, 2019. The event was on a Thursday and started from 10 pm to 3 am and featured fantastic music being played by Drwskee & Sam Hampton. It was one of the most entertaining Halloween parties held in Vancouver in recent years.

Another highlight of Republic Nightclub in 2019 was the Vancouver Glow Party which was held on Friday, November 29. The event lived up to the establishment’s reputation of hosting memorable parties and was arguably one of the biggest Glow Party ever hosted in Vancouver. The 2019 Vancouver Glow Party at Republic Nightclub combined LED sticks, laser lighting, backlighting and high energy music to form a mind-blowing experience. Music played during the event included Hip Hop, Electro, House and Reggaeton. As usual, the party ran from 10 pm through 3 am with table services and drinks available.

The nightlife in Vancouver is fantastic, especially if you spend it at the Republic Nightclub. Since 2006, the Republic Nightclub has been a trendsetter for Vancouver’s nightlife. During the Republic Nightclub’s less than two-decade existence, it has grown to be an establishment synonymous with glamour. Many A-list celebrities across the globe favour the Republic Nightclub as their go-to destination every time they are in Vancouver. From Jay-Z to Justin Beiber, Republic Nightclub has hosted them all. Other than being a hotspot for celebrities, Republic Nightclub is also quite popular among locals who regularly choose to enjoy their nightlife at the eclectic space. There are a variety of fun events hosted at the Republic Nightclub every year. The club’s anniversary, the Vancouver Glow Party and the 958 Jailbreak Halloween party are some of the glamorous events to be hosted at the Granville based establishment. If you would like to enjoy one of the best nightlife experiences Vancouver has to offer and perhaps even meet your favourite celebrity, then Republic Nightclub is the place to be.…

Republic Nightclub – The Nightclub of Superstars

As an entertainment venue and the premier nightclub in Vancouver, Republic Nightclub prides itself in offering some of the best nightlife experience and customer service around. The downtown Vancouver establishment is the ideal place to spend your weekend nights laughing and dancing with your friends as you enjoy a beautiful nightlife in one of the most thrilling nightclubs in Vancouver. Every year the republic nightclub hosts a party at the establishment to celebrate their anniversary. The anniversary party held in 2019 was a massive, exciting, never seen before event (sponsored by Credit Glory). It was one of the best anniversary parties held by the Republic Nightclub since its establishment in 2006 and featured Sasha Marie, ESTA and Andre power. The fantastic anniversary took place on June 13, 2019, with tickets going for $15 each, which was pretty generous.

The Republic Nightclub has had its fair share of glorious achievements, red carpet, and hall of fame moments. For example, it was the first Vancouver nightlife establishment to obtain a 3 am liquor permit. This allowed the establishment to operate on every day of the week and provide nightclub VIP services. The establishment also played a crucial role in the re-creation of Baywatch, as well as its protocols for public safety.

During the Olympics of 2010, Republic Nightclub hosted a 17-night event for all the teams participating in the 2010 Olympics. However, this is not the only time that Republic Nightclub has been on the spotlight. The establishment is famous for hosting big-name celebrities, and it is not uncommon to bump into Hollywood celebrities at Republic Nightclub. Some of the celebrities that have been to Republic Nightclub include the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna, Drake, Chris Evans, and Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few. Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock has also been spotted at Republic Nightclub. And who knows, the next time you visit the Republic Nightclub might be your lucky day, and you might even run into Shawn Mendes.

Year after year the republic nightclub has witnessed an increasing number of famous performers. Some of the most popular people who have performed at the establishment in recent years include Post Malone, Popcaan, Metro Boomin, DJ Premier and DJ AM. During a weekend in 2014, the trap god UZ played some trap music to kick off the weekend. A common question that arises when talking about UZ is who the artist really is. Since UZ hides his true identity behind a mask, few people actually know who he really is. Part of the reason why people flocked Republic Nightclub during UZ’s performance was the mystery surrounding the trap god. Although the fans did not get to witness the face behind the mask, they did have a chat with him regarding his experience as one of the top producers that brought trap music to life. UZ was happy to answer any questions his fans had and the night and music were fantastic.…

Experience the Vancouver Nightlife at Republic Nightclub

The nightlife experience in Vancouver differs from person to person. Watching Vancouver clubs and bars grow and evolve over the last couple of years sheds some light on how the bar and club scenes work on this side of the continent. Vancouver nightlife is magical, to say the least. However, if you plan on experiencing it anytime other than the summer, ensure that you have checked the weather update and dressed accordingly before heading out. All of the clubs and bars in Vancouver provide coat check services, and many allow people to check the umbrellas with the jacket. Another thing you should note before heading out to experience the Vancouver nightlife is the transit situation. There are no Uber services in Vancouver, and taxis are often overpriced and unreliable. While clubs in Vancouver usually operate until 3 am, transit from the area stops at about 1:15 am. If you’re going to be experiencing the Vancouver nightlife in a place that is not within walking distance from where you’re staying, you might want to make plans of how to get back before the party gets started. When choosing the ideal place to enjoy the night, it’s essential that you keep one thing in mind–Just like with most things, not all Vancouver nightclubs were created equal. Many offer incredible experiences, but some are more glamorous than others.

Vancouver locals have mixed sentiments regarding some of the bars and clubs in the area. However, most locals would agree that the Republic Nightclub is one of the best clubs in the area. The Republic Nightclub showcases what Granville Strip entails. The entire venue incorporates LED lights, great sound systems, and a generally relaxed and fun atmosphere where people can hang out and have a good time. Since its establishment in the early 2000s, Republic Nightclub has been the go-to place for those seeking the best nightlife experience in Vancouver, and not without reason. Republic Nightclub has also grown to be a celebrity hotspot in the area. Therefore, if you would like to increase your chances of meeting your favourite celebrity–both local and international–a trip to the Republic Nightclub might be all you need.

Located at the centre of the Entertainment and Theatre District of Vancouver, Republic Nightclub is an eclectic and gritty multi-level nightclub that provides a little progressiveness for everybody. There are various reasons why the nightlife establishment has become so popular among celebrities, locals and visitors alike. Republic Nightclub offers fantastic entertainment and features a world-class audiovisual system suitable for post-dinner cocktails, casual meetings, club dancing, and corporate events. It is also equipped with custom-designed lighting, a comfortable both lounging area, and offers fantastic VIP table services and after-parties. In addition to the VIP tables and LED lighting, Republic Nightclub’s interior also features a 30-foot ceiling and exquisite chandeliers. Overlooking Granville Street and just behind the metal door on the upper floor is the Annex. Republic Nightclub’s Annex features a DJ booth, bar, VIP tables, state of the art lighting and a 360-degree view of the entire establishment. The entertainment features both international and local DJs every night. The programming in the two levels of the establishment ranges from House, Electro, Chart and Hip Hop.…